Clothes Mentor Fayetteville North Carolina

Clothes Mentor Fayetteville North Carolina

An average household spends around 5 percent of their income on clothing. You no longer have to waste this much on continuously changing fashion, Clothes mentor is right here at your service.

What is Clothes Mentor Fayetteville NC?

Clothes mentor  is a thrift store located in Whaley Center, Fayetteville North Carolina. It deals with women clothes and accessories, we take in your old clothes and exchange them with refurbished articles of your choice, or money. “Yay, you no longer have to stack your old, boring, out of fashion clothes”.

We have a variety of women handbags, clothes, sportswear, jewelry items and much more. Feel free to bring us any of your “gently-used” used women wear and get it exchanged with refurbished handbags, jewelry, sportswear, cloths, shoes etc. of our own choice.

What Do We Aim to Do?

Clothes Mentor recognizes the fact that almost one in eight children are deprived of clothing while the fortunate people don’t use almost 50 percent of their wardrobes and aimlessly hold the stock. By taking this initiative, Clothes Mentor aims to help the local community by fulfilling their basic necessity of clothing in every possible way. It encourages people to sell their gently used clothes. Our team works day and night to find opportune ways of helping the under privileged people of our society, and helps them in every possible way may it be by direct donation of clothes or by any other means.

Moreover, we also work for the sustainability of the planet and its resources. We therefore promote recycling and reusing the clothes rather than wasting our limited resources in the preparation of new clothing items.

Quality and Service at our Stores

Clothes Mentor is not naïve enough to support or practice racism and favoritism. We welcome all our customers with open hands and warm hearts. Each and everyone will be provided with same healthy treatment at our stores. In addition to this, we strongly condemn the thought that thrifted stores are meant for poor people only and they deserve low quality clothes. With that being said, I assure you that our quality of clothes is not compromised. All clothing items are finely refurbished and brought to the stores.


With increasing coronavirus cases it might not be feasible for you to get out of your house for shopping. We therefore have created a user friendly website where you can see, select and purchase your favorite articles of clothing. To make your shopping experience easier and more reliable we have attached our customer’s reviews with the product just so you get to know if the product you are buying is up to the mark or not. We provide nationwide shipping at nominal charges. You may also opt for Pick up option and you will be notified when your order is ready to be picked up.

We also have a return policy which can only be used if you pick your order up from our stores. You will however have to contact the store for more details over our return policy.

Where Can You Find us?

Clothes Mentor has a widespread network of countrywide local shops with trained staff for your help. We wholeheartedly welcome you all to visit our stores and sell us your old clothes and get on spot cash or exchange them with beautiful, refurbished ones. You can conveniently find us at our nationwide branches or visit our website

You may also check our Facebook and Instagram pages to get updated about new articles and updates. We hope you have a great experience of shopping with us. Don’t forget to leave your reviews as your feedback means a lot to us.

Happy Shopping.