Pinup Studio – A Hair Dresser in Raleigh NC

If you are looking for a professional hair dresser in Raleigh, you should consider Pinup Studio. This salon welcomes women of all backgrounds and offers a wide variety of services to make you feel and look your best. Their artists are dedicated to perfecting their craft and are constantly learning new things. The studio also has a website where customers can make an appointment or request services.

Pinup Studio - A Hair Dresser in Raleigh NC

Pinup Studio

If you’ve ever thought about trying a different hairstyle, the Pinup Studio is the perfect place for you. This salon is a judgment-free zone where all women are welcomed. Its stylists specialize in various services and can help you achieve the look you want. Artists at Pinup Studio continue to expand their education and practice their craft, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible service. You can even request a service online.

Whether you’re looking for a full bridal makeover, a trim, or a color refresh, the Pinup Studio is the place to go. Their stylists take pride in giving their customers the look they desire, and will treat you like family. This salon also specializes in weddings, and their bridal packages will leave you looking and feeling beautiful on your wedding day.

Christina Kirkey Taylor is a Raleigh native who grew up loving hair and makeup. She even went to school for it. After graduating from high school a year early, she started her career at Paul Mitchell and discovered her passion for cosmetology. Her father is her biggest fan and he encouraged her to pursue cosmetology.

The Pinup Studio has been in business for 10 years and has an excellent reputation for quality work and competitive prices. The Pinup team offers many different services, from haircuts to hair color to foundation application.


If you want to get a makeover, Pinup Studio is the place for you. It’s a judgment-free environment that welcomes all women. The artists at Pinup Studio are dedicated to improving their craft and learning new techniques. Their website features online booking so that you can schedule a service in advance.

The Pinup Studio provides various services to enhance the look of each client. From bridal looks to glam makeup, they offer everything to create a stunning look that will make anyone turn heads. They even provide wedding hair and makeup services for those who want to get ready for the big day without a lot of stress.

Pinup Studio is one of the best makeover salons in Raleigh. They offer hair styling, makeup application, and bridal hair styling for a glamorous look. They have the best team of artists who are experienced in bridal hair and makeup. They’ll make your wedding day unforgettable!

Pinup Bridal

Whether you’re a diva looking to get a new bob or just need a new style, you’ll feel at home at the Pinup Studio. The salon is a judgment-free zone that welcomes all women. A variety of services are available at the salon, and you can ask your stylist to create whatever look you’ve always wanted. Artists at the salon are passionate about their craft and are always learning new techniques. Online booking is also available and customers can request their service online.

In addition to traditional salon services, Pinup Studio also offers a variety of wedding-focused services. From makeup to hair styling, they have it all. In addition to the studio’s five-chair full-service salon, they also have a mobile wedding hair and makeup studio known as the Blush Bus.

Taylor is a native of Raleigh, NC, who grew up loving makeup and hair. After completing high school, she began her career as a hair stylist. However, she didn’t enjoy working for others, so she set out to open her own salon. While attending school, she also worked at a local eyelash studio to learn how to apply eyelashes. Today, she employs 13 hairdressers at PinUp Studio.

Pinup Studio is known for its outstanding bridal services, and their stylists strive to make every bride happy. They treat their customers like family. They also offer simple color refreshes and trims.

Brazilian Blowouts

Providing a judgment-free environment, Pinup Studio welcomes women of all ages and sex. A variety of services are offered by stylists who can create the look you want. Each artist is dedicated to constantly learning and improving their craft. Online booking is available, so you can book an appointment in advance.

A Brazilian blowout can transform your hair into a different style. This process consists of several steps that will give you the look you want. The stylist will apply hair products that can make your hair healthier and shiny. They will use professional styling products to give you the perfect look.

This procedure is considered the most convenient treatment for busy fashionistas. Unlike other types of blowouts, Brazilian blowouts require no downtime and leave your hair straight and shiny. Brazilian blowouts typically last for three to four months.

Vintage styling

If you’re looking for a hair salon that can deliver the vintage look that you’re after, visit the Pinup Studio. They’re a judgement-free space for women of all ages, and their talented artists can give you the look you want. The artists are committed to constantly learning and improving their skills, and you can request a service online, or contact them directly.

Pinup Studio is a great salon in Raleigh, NC that specializes in vintage styling. Not only are the stylists skilled and professional, but the atmosphere is beautiful. They are also affordable, so you can afford to spend a little extra to get a beautiful vintage look.

You can also search online for vintage hair experts. Many Facebook groups exist, which are comprised of people from the same area as you. You can look for one in your area and ask other members for recommendations. There are even international groups, such as the Vintage Updos for Modern Girls, which will have people from all over the world.

Christina Dawson, the owner of Pinup Studio in Raleigh, NC, is a native of the area. She studied cosmetology in high school and realized her dream was to own her own salon. After four years of working at various salons, she began her own business and grew a loyal clientele. She now employs 12 talented hairdressers, including one who is also an employee.

Bridal make-up

Pinup Studio is a judgment-free zone for all women. The artistic staff is committed to learning and continuing their education to give their customers the best look possible. You can choose from a wide variety of services to achieve your desired look. To book a consultation, simply go online and request services. Alternatively, you can contact the studio directly. In Raleigh, NC, Pinup Studio is located at 2300 S. Tryon Street.

Pinup Studio has been in the business of bridal make-up and hair for years. This full-service salon in Raleigh offers the highest quality bridal hair and makeup services at affordable prices. They also offer mobile bridal make-up and hair services through their Blush Bus.

Patricia Love’s salon offers wedding packages, engagements, photo shoots, and special events. She has over 15 years in the beauty industry and has been featured in Weddings Magazine and other national publications. She offers a complimentary trial and day rates for bridal make-up and hair services.

Pinup Studio also offers special occasion, bridal, and daytime events make-up services. Her talented team of make-up artists and hair stylists can create the perfect look for your special event. Their makeup is long-lasting, and UV-protected, which means it will not run off in pictures. The ultimate goal of Pinup Studio is to make you feel beautiful and flawless on your wedding day.

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