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Helping Small Businesses Define Their Image

We are happy to review your website at no cost,
even if you do not use our SEO services.

Shopping Portals has marketing, SEO & website design solutions for your small business in Montgomery County, Maryland and serves these communities: Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Olney, Potomac, Rockville, Silver Spring and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Membership in Shopping Portals

We are happy to review your website at no cost, even if you do not use our SEO services.

Full Page hosted advertising on one of our Shopping Portals' websites;, ShopBethesda,, and others to provide product and services information. Read what our clients have said about their advertising page on Our members are enjoying TOP RANKING on all the popular search engines. If you have an under producing web site a membership Shopping Protals, Inc. will help your web site produce the kind of business you wanted when you launched it.

Membership Benefits You With:

  • A single custom designed page online to tell customers about your products/services, and to offer ongoing discounts to customers who clip your coupon to use when shopping at your business.
  • This page linked to your own e-Commerce/Commercial web site if you have an online presence. We can help you develop your own web site if you have been considering this type of marketing tool.
  • Other opportunities to be a featured advertiser on web site and in the direct email program for a very low cost. Plus additional placement in future Local Shopping Portals that will open during the next 2 years.

Why is online advertising more useful than print? When was the last time you actually got a call from the Yellow Pages?

  • It is immediate - customers want a discount and are looking for coupons.
  • It is cheaper - print advertising is very costly, whether you use the newspaper or coupon magazines.
  • It is more responsive to demand - Only online can you change your message to reflect demand as often as you need to, to drive traffic.

Why Marketers Use Online Media:

  • A vehicle to reach a mass audience
  • Costs are less then other media
  • The impact of sight, sound, and motion has arrived and continues to improve
  • It has proven to be an effective direct response medium
  • Research is building a strong case for using it to support brand-building efforts
  • New targeting technology enables you to reach those "hard to reach" targets
  • The Internet is living up to its promise as the most measurable medium



Local Advertisers are expected to spend over $97 Billion in online advertising by 2017; outpacing national advertisers by $40+ Billion.
Mobile online advertsing is growing and researchers project local mobile spend by national advertisers to climb from $1.9 billion this
year all the way to $6.4 billion in 2017.


  • As more and more marketers reap the benefits of efficient interactive advertising, online media spending is increasing at a rate of approximately 30% year to year.
  • 79% of national advertisers advertised online in 2004, spending an average of $4.4 million each, a 27% increase in online ad-spending from the previous year.

ONLINE Advertising is cheaper, more responsive and more effective at driving traffic and brand.

We offer a low cost way to get your message to Maryland & Virginia communities.

Standard Membership/Coupon page with clickable/printable coupons - $65.00 per month this page is linked to *client web site, if desired. Includes changing the message copy twice during a 30 day period.

We offer payment by VISA & MasterCard off-line. Please call 301-417-9066.

We offer a low cost way to get your message to Maryland & Virginia communities.


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