How to Choose the Best Solar Companies in Tampa FL

When you’re trying to choose the best solar companies in Tampa, Florida, you need to consider more than just price. You need to research their experience, policies and expertise before making a decision. You should also consider whether the company is familiar with Florida construction law, solar tax credits, interconnection policies, safety regulations and best practices for solar system installation. In addition to these important factors, a company’s warranty is a crucial consideration. If a company offers a great warranty, it means that they believe in their products and workmanship and stand behind their work.

How to Choose the Best Solar Companies in Tampa FL

Blue Raven

Solar energy is a green alternative to traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels. Solar energy is renewable, and it can be a huge savings to many homeowners. Many states also offer net metering, which allows solar panel owners to earn money for surplus solar energy. One company that offers solar energy system installations is Blue Raven Solar, located in Tampa, Florida. The company has been in business for 18 years, and it focuses on providing exceptional customer service and quality products at competitive pricing.

Blue Raven Solar is a BBB accredited business, and it has better customer reviews than most solar companies. In the last three years, it received 99 complaints, of which 55 were resolved. Customers generally praise Blue Raven’s professionalism, and some cited the company for helping them qualify for tax incentives. The company has a six-step installation process.

Blue Raven Solar offers a comprehensive warranty and productivity guarantee. This warranty covers the solar panels, installation costs, and any technical problems. In addition, it guarantees the energy production of the solar system for two years. In case the system fails to produce as promised, Blue Raven will install a new one at no additional cost.

Blue Raven Solar offers financing options for solar systems and also offers exclusive benefits. The company can help customers qualify for solar credits, provide 18 months of free solar energy, and even pay utility companies with monthly checks. Blue Raven Solar also offers the most innovative solar financing plan – BluePower Plus+. This innovative solar financing plan combines the best features of a 3rd party owned solar lease, P.P.A., and solar ownership – all with a fixed interest rate over five years and guarantees a lower energy bill than original rates.

Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar is a Florida-based solar energy company with an excellent reputation for quality and customer service. It offers 25-year panels and a 10-year installation warranty. In addition, it offers financing for solar panel upgrades and battery storage, which helps homeowners save money on their electric bills. Lastly, it offers other energy-efficient home improvements, including roof leak repairs and pest inspections.

Palmetto Solar is among the top 10 largest solar companies in the country. It offers quality equipment, including some of the most popular residential solar panels, and strong battery options. It also offers warranties that rival most others. It also provides more information about their products and services than most solar companies do.

Palmetto doesn’t list average prices per installation, but it does give an upfront cost estimate on several options, including solar panels and solar energy systems. This estimate requires the homeowner to provide an address, the average monthly electricity bill, and a solar irradiance map.

Palmetto Solar is the best solar energy company in Tampa FL because it offers superior service and care. They handle the complex paperwork associated with permitting, schedule installation dates, and activate solar systems. In addition, they provide Protect Plan services and a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty for the products and panels.

Palmetto Solar offers custom solar systems. Its team of experienced solar consultants will work with the homeowner to determine which type of solar panel will provide the most power for the home. They will also consider the roof design. They also offer four types of solar plans: leasing, purchasing, and loan options. Customers can choose from solar panels from top manufacturers, including SunPower.


Momentum Solar is one of the fastest growing solar companies in the country. With over 2,000 employees nationwide, this owner-operated company provides homeowners with affordable energy options. They handle every step of the process, including custom design, engineering, permitting, installation, and activation. The company’s mission is to become a leading solar energy company and provide homeowners with affordable energy options.

Momentum Solar offers seven types of solar panels and will customize a system that is perfect for your needs. They will consider your energy usage, the design of your roof, and the efficiency of the panels to ensure you receive the maximum benefits. They also offer four different solar plans, with financing, leasing, and loans available to fit your budget. In addition, they will help you apply for solar incentives in Florida and through the federal government.

Using Momentum’s solar app makes it easy for customers to keep track of the installation process. They can also view the status of their system in real time, view critical dates on an events calendar, and modify their installation schedule if necessary. In addition, the company offers solar battery storage to help customers during low-solar accumulation periods, or even complete power outages.

Momentum Solar also offers financing options. Their customer-focused approach means that you are kept in the loop at every step of the process. The company will help you understand what equipment is needed and will also guide you through common questions. Their competitive solar financing rates make it easier for homeowners to make the transition to solar.

Solar energy systems are not expensive, and you may even be eligible for a tax credit when you sell the excess energy back to your utility company. However, you should compare several providers before choosing a solar system. In addition to saving money, solar systems can add value to your home. Furthermore, Florida does not charge additional property taxes when solar systems are installed on homes.

Leo Solar Power

Leo Solar Power is a family-owned business, and prides itself on providing an easy and efficient process for their clients. Additionally, the company is a proud member of the Tampa Bays Business and Professional Women’s Group, and values its fellow women business owners.

The company has over 20 years of experience in the solar industry, and has installed solar systems on thousands of homes and commercial properties in Tampa and the surrounding areas. They offer exceptional quality tier 1 solar products and are backed by a 25-year product guarantee. This means that the best solar companies will be able to save you money in the long run.

When looking for the best solar company in Tampa, it’s important to consider your utility’s net metering policy and renewable energy incentives. While some power companies require a fee for net metering, many Florida power companies offer rebates and incentives for solar energy systems.

Leo Solar Power is a company that offers the most comprehensive solar service plans and has completed over 500 installations. Their goal is to help you save money while decreasing your carbon footprint. Tampa FL is known for abundant sunlight, so a solar installation can significantly reduce utility bills.


If you’re in the market for solar panels, batteries, or even Brightbox service in Tampa, FL, look no further than Sunrun Solar. They’re the largest residential solar company in the U.S., and they’ll make the process as easy as possible with their experienced team of solar experts.

Sunrun offers flexible financing options, including leasing and PPA. Customers can choose to pay cash or make monthly installments. They can even lease their solar system for up to 25 years. In addition to a variety of financing options, they offer two different battery systems, Brightbox Pro. Both come with 10-year manufacturer warranties, are designed to be more efficient, and have a higher lifespan than traditional batteries. The Brightbox battery system also has a suite of applications to make it easier for you to monitor your system’s performance.

If you’re looking for solar panel financing, Sunrun offers a variety of payment plans, including zero down and monthly leases. In addition, they can help you with permits and installation. Their proprietary design process enables them to create the perfect solar system for your home. They can also provide backup batteries for emergency power or assist with storage of excess energy.

Sunrun also provides solar system estimates and sends a team out to your home to examine your electrical panels and roof. They’ll even help you find a solar installer, if you don’t have one already. The company has been in business for 12 years and has more than 242,000 customers nationwide.

If you’re looking for solar energy services in Tampa FL, you’ve come to the right place. Sunrun Solar has earned a reputation as the largest residential solar company in the U.S., and their Tampa FL solar service team can help make the process as easy as possible. They have experienced solar technicians who are available around the clock to answer your questions.

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