Carving Santa on a Harley

If you’re into¬†carving Santa¬†on a Harley, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, Harley Refsal shows how to create a carving of this popular holiday figure. You’ll learn about the Rule of Three and how to balance facial proportions. He also shows how to incorporate elements of the winter solstice into his carvings.

Carving Santa on a Harley

Rule of Three for facial proportions

The Rule of Three will help you visualize a human figure in your wood carving. The human face has three thirds: the nose, the bottom third of the face and the chin. The ear sits in the back half of the face and is in line with the top of the eyebrow and the bottom of the nose.

CALaMay Carvings

CALaMay Carvings is a company that specializes in hand carved Santas. These Santas are inspired by Russian master carvers, and are truly stunning. These hand carved Santas are 6″ square with a 1″ jute twine tail and come with a screw eye for mounting. CALaMay Carvings is run by Dave, who is a motorcycle enthusiast and also a carver.

Harley Refsal

Harley Refsal is a world-renowned figure carver specializing in Scandinavian flat-plane wood carving. He was born in Minnesota and spent time in Norway in the 1960s and 1980s, where he gained an understanding of the culture. He speaks Norwegian fluently and has taught thousands of carvers throughout North America. His art has been featured on television and in books. In 2012, he was named Woodcarver of the Year by Wood Carving Illustrated magazine.

Refsal is a master flat-plane woodcarver and the star of this Craft in America holiday episode. The carvings he creates tell the story of the Winter Solstice, and his work incorporates figures from the original winter holiday, which predates Santa Claus. These figures include Haugbui, Nisse, and Tomte, which are all depicted on Refsal’s carvings.

Refsal’s carvings have won numerous awards and honors. He was awarded the St. Olav Medal by King Harald V of Norway, and his work has become famous throughout the world. In addition to carving famous figures, Refsal also helped popularize Scandinavian figure carving.

Refsal’s work has inspired many artists. He has published several books and published numerous videos about the art of flat plane carving. His videos are the perfect way to learn how to carve figures with flat planes and gain inspiration. He also provides detailed instructions on how to carve figures from basswood.

Refsal is best known for his Scandinavian-style carvings, which were first popularized by Norwegian immigrants in the early 1800s. He has won numerous awards for his work, and has published many articles on the subject. Refsal was raised in a Norwegian-American community and is a world-renowned Scandinavian-style carver.

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